For distillates lovers CDA offers the best selection of Whisky, Rum, Gin, Vodka, Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados, Grappa and other.

Every distillate is a little world where you can taste all its history, culture, origin, aromas and flavor: Rum from Caribbean is a distillation of sugar cane, Cognac and Armagnac from France are a distillation of wine and the Italian grappa is crafted from pomace of many variety (Barolo, Nebbiolo etc.).

Whisky and Gin,  Anglo-Saxon by definition, come from distillation of cereals while Calvados is a apple’s or pear’s cider brandy crafted in Normandy.

Vodka from Russia is the result of three distillations of fermented potatoes and cereals filtered to get crystal-clear product as possible.


Distillation is a fascinating process that works in two methods:

Continuous distillation and batch distillation.

 Continuous distillation takes place by big dimensions alembics that work on continuous loop to make material raw flows without interruptions.

If material is solid, pomace for Grappa for example, alcohol is pulled out via disarticulation process.

Batch distillation is the oldest process and it happens by using copper alembics where in their internal boiler alcohol is pulled out by vaporization.

The alembic is also a distillate’s distinctive feature which differs by production’s country and local traditions.


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