•  Italian wines: A wide selection of red, white and rosé wines, ranging from sapid to full-bodied tasting, dry and intense, all carefully selected to satisfy all the palate’s needs and all high quality, with constant attention paid the selection of the best brands and vintages. Our wines are DOC and DOCG certified, to identify the geographical area of origin, guaranteeing the intrinsic qualities inherent to the reference wine region.
  • Sparkling wines: We also offer a wide range of sublime sparkling wines, sweet or brut, with a bouquet of aromas and bubbles, fruity and lively or robust, to be savoured and enjoyed with the right culinary and sweet combinations, to enhance the joy of meeting up and a moment of relaxation spent between wine and food.
  • Liquors: Alongside wines and sparkling wines, we also offer the best national and foreign spirits available on the market with herb, fruity and fresh aromas or decisive notes to truly savour the mellowness of bitterness in all its nuances.


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