We can offer you the authenticity of the best preserves and the most delicious food products on the market, with a very wide choice of safe and popular brands on a national and international level: what distinguishes us is the meticulous care with which we research our goods that are always excellent, fresh and of the highest quality, and that represent Italian tastiness abroad.


We strive to look for the best branded food for you every day, not just looking at the quality, but creating offers that are attractive and always new.

The CDA cares about customer satisfaction and proves it every day, with excellent and diversified products and tailor-made offers for high quality and bespoke purchases, both locally and on a large consumer scale.

Impeccable tasting and refined preserves and a range of products covering all food types are available to you, so as to never neglect your needs and turn your purchases into something unique, useful and of high quality.


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